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"Who Am I?"

Sox Baseball Cards!

Can You Name These Forgotten Sox?

Here are twelve old White Sox baseball cards.  The names and autographs have been removed.  Can you remember who they are?

1965 Topps, #458
Sox pitcher, 1962-67.

1961 Topps, #90
Sox pitcher, 1958-61.

1980 Topps, #379
Sox infielder, 1976-80.

1954 Bowman, #198
Sox pitcher, 1953-54.

1964 Topps, #430
Sox pitcher, 1961-66.

1979 Topps, #134
Sox utility player, 1976-80.

1966 Topps, #85
Sox pitcher, 192-66, 72-73.

1968 Topps, #172
Sox outfielder, 1967-72.

1972 Topps, #539
Sox pitcher, 1971-76.

1961 Topps, #352
Sox pitcher, 1958-61.

1986 Topps, #467
Sox pitcher, 1985-87.

1911 T205 Gold Border
Sox pitcher, 1903-13.

Read what other fans have written about
"Who Am I?" Sox Baseball Cards

Enjoyed the Who Am I? page: I guess I got more than half.  The John(ny)
Buzhardt (accent on BUZ wit C__s but HARDT wit Sox) card reminded me that
when I was about 12, Buzhardt rented a house in my home burb (I won't
name it) and started seeing my father, a dentist, for (natch) dental
work.  My father told Buzhardt that I loved Aparicio, so Buzhardt brought
to his next appointment one of Aparicio's bats, one he'd cracked.  I was
amazed, grateful, thrilled: I taped up the narrow, jaggedly cracked part
of the handle; loved the pine tar still on it that St. L had actually
touched; used the bat (carefully) for fast pitching; slept with it
sometimes.  A couple years later I realized I hadn't seen that wonderful
bat around; eventually I discovered that my father (also a woodworker and
carpentry whiz) had drilled a hole through the fat end and used my
precious & magical Looiebat as a replacement handle on this little
tow-his-junk-around wagon he had in his garage workshop. 40 years more or
less later I still have not recovered.

Larry Chott farmed out here in Aurora

Editor's Reply:
Your Dad did nice work.  Buzhardt's teeth look GREAT!


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