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20's & 30's:  All-Stars

The Sox struggled through most of this period.  Still, Comiskey contained magic from future hall of fame players like Ted Lyons and Luke Appling.  The very best major league players competed against each other at Comiskey Park for the first time in 1933, the beginning to one of baseball's greatest annual traditions.  The Negro Leagues held their All-Star games here, too -- a dozen times in the 30's and 40's!  Comiskey Park, the neighborhood, the city and the nation itself still struggles to solve the problems that separated baseball's all-stars in the first place.

Comiskey Park in the 1930's.

Comiskey as it looked in 1935.  Lights weren't installed until 1939.  There was no scoreboard in center field, but one each mounted on the wall in left and right field.  Following the 1927 renovation, the basic layout remained unchanged for over 60 years.
The Sox ballplayers pictured:  Radcliff, Simmons, & Haas (LF to RF), Dykes, Appling, Hayes, & Bonura (3B to 1B), battery of Lyons & Sewell.
(George Brace)


Sox hero of the 30's and 40's, Old Aches & Pains, Luke Appling.

Lew Fonseca played for the Sox in the 20's, and managed
them in the early 30's.  His best season they won only 67 games.

Mont Stratton warms up as the Cubs' Dizzy Dean looks on
before the annual crosstown series.   Comiskey's centerfield
had no scoreboard back in the 30's.

Al Capone built his underworld empire on the South Side, but eventually conquered all of Chicago.  He wasn't much of a sports fan but what little rooting interest he had was generally reserved for the Cubs.  Here he attends the annual Sox/Cubs series at Comiskey Park, another loser rooting for the Lovable Losers.  (Chicago Historical Society)


Comiskey Park hosted the first ever major league All-Star Game
in 1933.  Seated beside each other inside the A.L. dugout are
Yankee teammates Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Team photo of the Negro League all-star team
taken inside their annual home, Comiskey Park.
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