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Turn Back the Clock Day
July 11, 1990

This is the game that started the throwback trend. Even expansion teams now wear old uniforms for special promotions. But it all started at Old Comiskey in 1990. The Sox were making up a rained out game against the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a celebration of the park's last season and a commemoration of Chicago's last championship ball club, the 1917 White Sox. Harkening to the ballpark's atmosphere when it was still new and modern, the White Sox held Turn Back the Clock Day. The scoreboard and public address systems were turned off. The ground crew wore period outfits. Prices were rolled back at several concessions. Most of all, the White Sox wore the same uniforms from their 1917 championship year.

The program from the first-ever Turn Back the Clock Day in baseball history.


Sox team photo from the 1990 game.
(source: Through the Years)

One of the groundkeepers
(photo: author)

Jack McDowell delivers.
(source: Through the Years)

All the electronic scoreboards were turned off, including this one in right field.
(photo: author)



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