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View from the Stands

Both good and bad, Comiskey Park offered Sox Fans views of the action that no longer exist.  Here is what they found upon arriving at their seats.

(all photos by Fred Budreck unless noted otherwise)  

The last row of seats in left field, just ahead
of the arched windows, each one bisected
by a post.

Another of the ubiquitous posts!

The narrow concourse behind homeplate
passes through rows of "Gold Box" seats.

These curved back seats were added in the 40's
and mounted on the concrete risers.  They were
originally mounted as box seats near homeplate but
were later salvaged and remounted in other areas along
the baselines when the Sox added new plastic
"Gold Box" seats in 1982.  The engraved numbers no
longer made sense, so new painted numbers were added.

The slatback seats dated back to the 1920's.
In nearly 60 years of use, most of them were never
moved even once.  Gobs and gobs of paint
covered both the seats and the risers.

A great view from the railing of the upper deck
in right field.  The first row was only a few feet
behind the front row of the lower deck.  Obstructed view
seats behind the posts were the result.

Seats in the left field corner faced towards more
seats on the opposite side.  Televisions mounted on the
posts provide Sox Fans an unobstructed view
of the action via cathode ray tube.

The front row of the upper deck seemed to loom
directly above the action, making them a
preferred seat location for many Sox Fans.

The rear of the right field lower deck provided a
great view of the jury box center field
bleachers, but not much else.

A new press box was added in 1982, along with a tier
of  "Super Suites."  The loge box seats directly in
 front of of the press box were some of the
best seats in the house.

A view from the rear of Comiskey Park's
upper deck.

Arched windows were visible from every corner
of the ballpark.  The ones behind homeplate
caused trouble for rightfielders battling the
twilight that shone through them.  Fans in the
right field seats had trouble watching the
action too, until the sun finally went down.


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