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Scorecards & Artist Depictions

As home to the White Sox for 80 years, Comiskey Park often took center stage for the team's promotional campaigns.  These score cards and pocket schedule illustrations document the changes in how the ballpark's attributes were put to use.

1945 score card.  This illustration of Comiskey Park
was used repeatedly on the cover
through the 30's and 40's.

1947 score book.  Who is this ballplayer?

1950 scorebook.  A more stylized version of
Comiskey Park's facade is now depicted.  It was
used on pennants and other media by the team
through the 1950's.

Bill Veeck kept the focus on the fans for the
cover of this 1977 program.  The arched windows of
Comiskey's left field lower deck provide the backdrop.
A 1977 Topps baseball card is added. 
Note the shorts worn by the bellboys!

Comiskey Park took center stage in 1985 for the
75th anniversary season program cover.
The inset sepia photograph dates to the 1930's.
The 75th annniversary logo in the lower-right corner
is an update of the 50's vintage illustration seen above.

The Sox took one more crack at ballpark nostalgia
for the final 1990 season.  Here co-captains
Ozzie Guillen and Carlton Fisk are joined by
past Sox greats:  Ed Collins, Ted Lyons, Ray Schalk,
Billy Pierce, Joe Jackson, Nellie Fox,  and Ed Walsh
(left to right) for this illustration doubtlessly inspired
by the motion picture "Field of Dreams."



The convenience of attending Sox games
at White Sox Park takes center stage on
the rear cover of this 1971 pocket schedule.

Comiskey Park played a central role in several promotional campaigns during its last years of use. 
The 1983 A.L. West championship celebration was used in 1984.
After the success of the Sox' crosstown rivals in 1984, the 1985 campaign gently reminded
Chicago's fans of the city's exclusive location of top-flight baseball after dark.

The 1988 campaign seemed more a threat than a promise with Sox ownership seriously
considering relocation offers from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Even as the new ballpark took shape across 35th Street, the Sox sold heaping amounts of
Comiskey Park nostalgia for the 1990 season.



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