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Rebirth Then Death

Under the new ownership of Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn, an ambitious renovation of Comiskey Park was begun in 1981.  New "gold boxes" were added in the infield.  Skyboxes were added in the upper deck.  The bullpens were moved into a shrunken centerfield.  Home plate was moved eight feet closer to the outfield causing a sharp increase in roof top home runs.  Millions were spent to correct deferred maintenance and make needed infrastructure improvements.  A brand new Diamond Vision scoreboard was placed in centerfield.  The park hadn't looked this good in at least thirty years.

In 1983 baseball held its 50th anniversary all-star game at the park that hosted the very first, Comiskey Park.  The '83 Winnin' Ugly Sox brought Chicago's fans its first championship in twenty years.  The Sox marked the park's 75th anniversary with special promotions in 1985, too.  The party however was short-lived.

The fight to replace aging Comiskey Park began in 1986 and climaxed with the passing of new stadium funding legislation in 1988.  The White Sox played their last game at Old Comiskey on September 30, 1990.  For the major league's oldest ballpark, a fleeting rebirth was followed by a quick death.

Comiskey Park as it appeared following the refurbishment of the early 80's.  New gold boxes appear along the infield.  Centerfield is shortened to accomodate the relocated bullpens.  Home plate is eight feet closer to the outfield, then moved back to its original location in 1986.  The new Diamond Vision scoreboard replaces the old Monster scoreboard and the '83 team brings home the A.L. West championship, the city's first in twenty years!


The mad-capped antics of Ribbie and Roobarb!
The would-be Vaudevillians were retired after a short stint in the 80's.


Comiskey Park hosts the 1983 all-star game.

Julio Cruz crosses homeplate with the winning run
to clinch the A.L. West "half pennant",
Chicago's first championship in twenty years, September 17, 1983.

Comiskey organist Nancy Faust in front of her
upper deck perch in this early 80's photo.


Sox attendance fell in the late 80's  along with the team's fortunes,
the stadium/relocation controversy, and Dan Ryan Expressway reconstruction.
Would be stars like Ivan Calderon received little attention.

The party of Comiskey's rebirth was short-lived.


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