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But Not Forgotten

Old Comiskey Park is now an asphalt parking lot,
but do you remember...  

  • Bright green paint along the base of the exterior wall.
  • Electrical wires, bundled , taped and dripping with countless coats of dried paint, running above the main concourse beneath the stands.
  • The long rows of wooden tables inside the Picnic Area facing left field through cyclone fencing.
  • The clubhouse entrance off the main concourse marked "Private" and its enormous fish eye peephole.
  • The slat-back chairs, some of them directly behind large posts.
  • The switchback ramp in the left field corner with its view of downtown Chicago through arched windows and the chain link fencing.
  • The wall of leaves from the large hardwood trees across the alley behind left field, visible from everywhere inside the park through the arched windows.
  • The outfield seat price zones marked by the white stripe painted onto the top slat of an entire rows of seats.
  • The two Sox logos visible from the Dan Ryan Expressway outside the right field upper deck.
  • The little boy fountain adjacent to the mens' washroom opposite the left field picnic area.  The water pool (filled with pennies), rock garden and vinyl plants, too.
  • The Sox-o-Gram messages on Veeck's original monster scoreboard.
  • The series of tiny ticket window booths just in front of the main entrance.
  • Nancy Faust's organ booth just in front of the narrow upper deck concourse behind homeplate.
  • The Daley family box, immediately next to the Sox's on-deck circle along third base.
  • The center field shower head.
  • The retired player numbers painted inside large baseballs along the right field wall.
  • The Pitch-o-Meter perched atop the outfield scoreboard's clock.
  • The large hardwood tree just outside the right field gate  (still there today).
  • The nine trumpet-shaped speakers mounted on top of the center field wall.
  • The bullpen benches located underneath the stands in center field.
  • The Mexican churro stand along the main concourse beneath the stands in left field.
  • The stacks of empty beer kegs along the outer wall of the main concourse.
  • The ubiquitous porcelain troughs in each of the mens' restrooms.
  • The line of women stretching from inside the womens' restrooms and out onto the concourses.
  • The growing cloud of cigarette and cigar smoke hanging above the playing field visible through the arc lamps during night games.
  • The Italian beef and sausage stand along the third base concourse.
  • The seats in the left and right field corners that faced the seats in the left and right field corners.
  • The grade school children's baseball drawings mounted along the main concourse.
  • The fleet of buses waiting in the lot beyond right field to pick up their respective groups at the end of each game.
  • The six square-shaped light towers perched atop erector-set poles, high above the upper deck roof.
  • McCuddy's, the squat little tavern directly across 35th Street from the ballpark.
  • The tiny players' parking lot outside the left field stands and adjacent to the media entrance.
  • The Zenith color tv's mounted on top of the lower deck posts.
  • The block-C design worked into the exterior masonry.
  • The outfield foul poles bent backwards to meet the edge of the upper deck roof.
  • The center field bleachers, the flaking paint, and the growing slivers.
  • The upper deck catwalks, tying the left field upper deck concourse with its right field counterpart -- the furthest corner of Comiskey Park.
  • Rubber-necking your way through an entire nine inning game because of the series of posts blocking your view.
  • Bullpen I and Bullpen II.
  • The green aluminum slats weaved into the chain link fencing (much of it torn or missing) behind the last row of seats in the right field upper deck.
  • The old pinball and baseball arcade games located under the Left/Center
    grandstands in the picnic area.
  • The baseball-shaped signs with bright blue "IN" and "OUT" on the bathroom doors.
  • The box seats behind home plate that were actually lower than the playing surface.
  • The electronic scoreboards on the face of the third base and right field upper deck.
  • The artificial turf experiment, infield only.
  • The CTA bus race on the scoreboard between innings.
  • The bar under the 3rd base stands with photos like "sox zero in on
    pennant" adorning the walls.
  • The giant old photos hanging from the wall under the stands behind home
    plate (particularly the one in which Campy Campaneris spikes Ed Herrmann and rips his pants open on a close play at the plate).
  • The "Big White Machine" jalopy that was driven around the perimeter of
    the field after home games.
  • Catching the first glimpse of the floodlit emerald green playing field as you climbed the darkened ramp into the stands.
  • Your first glimpse of the park, its sights and sounds, emerging from the railroad underpass just west of the park on 35th Street.
  • The umpire's ball basket that emerged from the ground behind homeplate.

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Memories of
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