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The Glorious Sweep

Norman Rockwell and the Cubs/Sox Series of June, 1999

Have you ever noticed how life imitates art?  In 1948 Norman Rockwell found inspiration for one his most famous paintings of The American Pastime.  He found it inside Boston's Braves Field, where the home team was pounding lumps on the visitors, the last place Chicago Cubs.  Rockwell captured the jubilation and taunts of the fans in the stands in utter contrast to the embarrassment and humiliation of the Cubs players inside the dugout.

Cubs Dugout
1948 by Norman Rockwell

It's 1999 and Norman Rockwell has passed on but if he were still alive, he could have drawn the exact same inspiration from this photograph taken at Wrigley Field.  Check out the faces on the Cubs fans seated in the front row...

Sox Dugout
2000 by George Bova, based on a photo by Phil Velasquez

Mike Caruso has just hit an eighth inning 2-run homer off Cubs reliever Rick Aguilera, leading the Chicago White Sox to a come from behind 6-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs, completing a three game sweep of their crosstown rivals.

Which brings us to another fact of life -- history repeats itself.

Let's Go Go Go White Sox -- Chicago's Proud of You!!!!
Let Me Hear It!

The Glorious Sweep!!!

June 11, 1999
SOX   5
Cubs  3

June 12, 1999
SOX   8
Cubs  2

June 13, 1999
SOX   6
Cubs  4

Fly balls and grounders
Liners and flubs.
Three and oh was the winner
And it wasn't the Cubs.

On Friday thier minions
began to complain.
Oh we could have won
had not come the rain.

Saturday was sunny
and warmer than most.
but the Sox bats were smokin'
And the game wasn't close.

Fans paid a premium
for Sunday's good seat.
To witness the White Sox
get a clean sweep.

We on the south side
have little to boast.
But "Yous guys on da nort side
are sure a great host".

The park known as Wrigley
is the most charming of fields.
But the best team in Chicago
plays at Thirty-fifth and Shields!

                                                                                                - unknown

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A Christmas Carol for the Kub (to the tune of "Silent Night")


Ugly old men
Wearing Depends,
Bad careers
Finally end.
"Pity the geezers," laugh Sox fans in glee.
"Pity the geezers, they've all got E.D."

The Trib made a resthome of Wrigley,
A resthome for ugly old men.

- Tom Carter


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