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Memorable Features

Some features of Comiskey Park were uniquely her own.  Here is a sampling!

(all photos by Frank Budreck unless noted otherwise)  

Bill Veeck's Patio, located directly behind the
center field scoreboard, a place for pre-game
group parties.

Bullpen II was located in center field near the
visitor's bullpen. Along with Bullpen I in the
right field corner, each was rented
for private parties.

The Picnic Area was created by Bill Veeck
for the 1960 season by simply blowing
holes into the left field wall.  It featured a field-level view
of game action.  Unlike today's Picnic Area,
all fans were free to visit, eat, and watch the game.

During the 80's the Sox added
these prominent tributes to each
of the team's great ballplayers and the
retired numbers of that time: 
2-Fox, 4-Appling, 9-Minoso,
11-Aparicio, 16-Lyons, 19-Pierce.

Along the main concourse behind third base
was the entrance to the Sox clubhouse.
It featured a large peep hole and was simply marked
 "private" to avoid drawing attention.  Their private
batting cage was on the other side of the concourse,
making for some unique player sightings.

Rookie Frank Thomas crosses the concourse
with his bat to practice his swing in the
batting cage.  He can't help but draw
attention from two passing fans,
the third still oblivious. 

Sox Fans sought relief behind the doors
marked "in" and "out."

Gone but not forgotten!  The troughs came in different
sizes and were mounted along the wall at different
heights, too.  Sox Fans weren't picky about which one
to choose!



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