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A Celebration of
Old Comiskey Park

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Do any of these bring back fading memories?


Old Comiskey Park illustration by Amadee Wohlschlaeger.

A 60's vintage view of White Sox Park from the Dan Ryan Expressway
(source: Stealing First in a Two Team Town)

The left field fence and foul pole.
('87 Scorecard)


The center field bleachers.
('87 Sox scorecard)

Reserved seats along the left field line.
('87 Sox scorecard)


Climbing the ramp in the left field corner.
(photo:  author)


Behind the center field scoreboard looking into the right field lower deck.
(photo:  author)

 Under the stands in the left field corner,
a labyrinth of ramps, railing, and concrete.
(photo:  author)


Inside the Left Field Picnic Area. (photo: author)

The view from Old Comiskey's center field catwalk, the furthest corner of the park!
(photo: author)

The press gate along Shields Avenue.
(photo: author)

The players' parking lot in the left field corner.
(photo: author)


Chicago's skyline seen through a Comiskey window along the left field ramp  (photo: author) 


Old Comiskey's main gate is dwarfed by the new park, still under construction.
(photo: author)


Climbing the entrance into the left field stands are a father and his son.
(photo:  author)


New Comiskey

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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

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