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Beneath the Stands

The footprint of Comiskey Park was huge by the standards of 1910.  However it was quite small compared to any of the modern ballparks.  Space was at a premium to accommodate as many as 50,000 fans.  Here's what they saw on their way to and from their seats.

(all photos by Frank Budreck unless noted otherwise)  

Entering Gate 5.

Ramps and ramps to climb.


Windows beside winding ramps in the
oldest portion of the ballpark,
along the infield.

Blue exit doors with stenciled rules.

Descending from the rear of the
lower deck.

Catacomb walkways above the
main concourse.

The main concourse behind
homeplate.  The 40's vintage
concession stand is to the left.

Piles of empty beer cans stacked in an
empty corner of the main concourse.

No space was left unused.  Here a few spare square feet of floor space
is utilized for yet another stand, this one selling Sox novelties.

Signs direct fans to their seats, food, and memorable features
like this one for the Picnic Area.



Arched Windows

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