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Comiskey Artifacts

Old Comiskey Park was torn down in the spring and summer of 1991.  Only a few bits and pieces of the park survive.  Here are a few artifacts you may remember.

The Sox sold thousands of Old Comiskey bricks for $12.95 each.
Nearly every Sox fan has at least one.  Also pictured (from left to right)
Old Comiskey hand puppet, Dick Allen autographed ball, 1930's vintage
Jimmy Dykes baseball card, late-80's seat cushion,'59 Sox fortieth anniversary pin,
Harold Baines starting line up figure, autographed Luke Appling postcard, and
miniature Sox helmet.  Foreground:  Robin Ventura model miniature
Louisville Slugger.

Paint chips taken from Old Comiskey's centerfield wall, above
the visitor's bullpen.  Also pictured are two 50's vintage Topps baseball
cards and a souvenir button from the 1959 A.L. championship season.

A cheap seat from Old Comiskey Park.
The white paint stripe was used to mark the line between
different price zones in the outfield.  Note the end panel
which indicates this was the aisle seat of its row.

A close up the aisle seat's arm rest plate.
The elongated geometric pattern is reminiscent of
the ornamentation of Chicago architect Louis Sullivan
and his student, Frank Lloyd Wright.  New Comiskey fails
to recapture any of the finer design elements of the original.
The new park's arm rest panels are plain blue.

A popcorn bull horn from Old Comiskey in the early 70's.
The oversized stocking feet were a recurring theme in most Sox
mascot designs throughout the 50's, 60's and early 70's.  This bull horn
has been autographed by the San Diego Chicken.  Also pictured is
a Sox baseball and toothpick holder and Robin Ventura
autographed baseball.

My ticket stub from the final game played at Old Comiskey Park,
(right field lower deck).
The certificate was passed out to each fan entering the ballpark.


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